The Village of St. Victor

stvictor-villageAlong the river’s edge, perched on a hilltop, lies the bustling and booming little village of St. Victor. With its sprawling wheat fields and its gardens of sunflowers, St. Victor is a little slice of paradise, and a great place to live…as long as you like waking up at the crack of dawn.

There, an insufferable rooster forces the villagers out of bed at 4 o’clock every morning—rain or shine. Of course, the village mayor sings his rooster’s praises, giving his darling pet the credit for the impressive productivity of the St. Victorians.  And, he’s right!

However, between you and me, the villagers of St. Victor would like the chance to sleep in once in while…


The Village Coat of Arms

armoiriesShocking news folks! The coat of arms for St. Victor has just been given a new look, at the request of our dear mayor.

The sheaf of wheat, which was once the symbol of St. Victor’s prosperity, has been replaced with a rooster. Yes, it’s true ladies and gentlemen. The same rooster that represents the pride and the discipline of our fair village, or so says the mayor.

As of this moment, the new St. Victor coat of arms has already been printed onto the letterhead and envelopes of the mayor’s office. It won’t be long until you will see it all around the village.