The Mayor’s Garden

jardin-maireGardening is not just a pastime. It’s an art. Nay, a responsibility!

In my yard, I grow some herbs and a few vegetables; but my true passion is flowers. Sunflowers are my favourites.

The sunflower is never lazy. It seeks out the light that it needs, following the sun’s path across the sky all day long; from east to west; morning to night; every day.

Another excellent lesson in self-discipline, folks…

There are certain rules that one must follow to make sure that a garden thrives. Patience and hard work are absolute necessities. Every little sprout is a promise; each blooming flower, a reward. The old saying, “we reap what we sow”, is so true. On one condition of course, that you don’t have a stupid donkey that devours your plants…

So, to sum up: garden with both tender-loving care and technique, but most of all, without any donkeys around!

Your Mayor