The Rooster’s Alarm (Full Version)

For mobile and tablet
$ 1,99


Wake up to the sound of the Rooster of St. Victor!

This alarm clock offers animated mornings in The Rooster of St-Victor’s universe.

Discover five rings inspired by the animated film The Rooster of St-Victor. In addition to the famous Rooster, you find the donkey, Florence the baker, Lucien Thomassin the cabinetmaker and an air of Toreador sung by Gustave!

Produced by 10th Ave, The Rooster of St-Victor is the first animated feature 100% Canadian product in French (in its original version) and manufactured 100% in Quebec.

About 10th Ave Éditions :
Destined for children, teens and the entire family, the distinctive productions of 10th Ave Editions use innovative methods to develop original content. The objective of 10th Ave Editions is to provide an international outlet for intellectual property developed by local creators through a variety of platforms. 10th Ave Editions distributes its works in a number of medium, from the printed page to Internet to mobile applications.